Friday, June 19, 2009

I recently ordered some Junk Shop figures, because I wanted to have a few more before it went away permanently. Today, I get the mail, and this is what is waiting for me. Junk Shop BUILDMEN. I know.

I was stunned. Still am. Look at them

Also, because I had emailed Matt regarding his upcoming appearance on my weekly podcast Average Intelligence, I mentioned to him that I had to modify the Samus Aran I was building, because I underestimated which, and how many parts and colors I needed, specifically the orange bits and the gray connectors. Added in my order was this:

Matt Doughty is the greatest human alive

and here she is...

Also, while I am showing off, Here is my one-of-a-kind Suck Lord/Dead Presidents/Glyos mash up figure... I guess the Suck Lord would probably call him the Homo-Pheyden, or something subversive like that... My wife really liked it, as did I...

and... finally, the picture of one of my Custom Corp.. I traded the other for a standard Govurom... my beloved Beast-Nost (Beast-Phan?)

the card is numbered 24. And I love it. Don't hate me.

More photos to come... I should have even more photos to post, as next week is a PheyCation for me... and Plasma Pheyden and Arcos Exellis are coming along... Can't wait to show everyone more stuff!


  1. OH man I can't believe you got a Sucklord custom! Did you pick that up at an event or buy/trade for him?

  2. I got him at the NYCC in feb. 2009, both Matt and the Suck Lord were there and had them to show off... Matt was nice enough to sell me that particular one-off... I also got 2 of the clear blue SuckLord mash-up.. it was a great show!