Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welcome to PheyCations!

Hello, my name is Nate, I have a yellow pencil... sorry... Introductions always feel like I'm trying to learn another language. I am called the JediCreeper... well, not really, but here I am.

I am a life long toy fan. Action figures have always been my thing (bet you can't guess my childhood favorite... hint, I chose the nick JEDI) (by the way, get used to parentheses and ellipses (the three periods) I use them a lot... see?

Late 2007, I was introduced to the Glyos System of action figures, created by Onell Designs, if you haven't already, go to I love those guys. I own a lot.

My wife loves to travel, and luckily, she likes to take me with her. (Yeah, I'm blessed). I will refer to my wife as Piglet here... but don't read too much into it. She's a Winnie the Pooh fan, he's her favorite, so that's the nick she usually goes by. Oh... I go on as many tangents as I do vacations.

In May of 2008, we took a long (15 night) Disney Cruise (we are both big Disney fans). To combat potential boredom, I brought two of my Glyos figures with me. Rothan Pheyden and Cyber Ghost Exellis (my favorites at the time). And a project, hobby and passion was born.

Specifically... because of this photo

And I fell even more in love with these guys. By the end of the 15 days, I had taken over 1000 pictures, and several hundred of these guys. Don't worry, I won't overload you in a day. Though, here's a couple more...

A novelty "big chair" photo

Hanging out

As soon as I could, I emailed some of my pictures to Matt Doughty, the mastermind behind Onell and Glyos. Just to show him He loved them. He was even so kind as to post a few (from my second trip) on HIS blog... here.

Since then, every vacation I've taken, I've brought two figures with me. And with Matt's urging I decided to share my pictures. And that's why this now exists. Welcome... there is much more to come!

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