Sunday, December 5, 2010

Folks.. It's been a damn long time, and for that, I apologize. Hopefully, this will make up for it, just a little bit. These are all from a trip to Disney World I took last year (I go quite often... I'll hopefully post some from this year soon!) They are a little slap dash... and I've decided against captioning them, since... well.. I was hurting myself with the bad jokes. Let me know what you think!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hey there folks! I know it's been a long time, and for that, I am terribly terribly sorry. I have a lot of new pictures to upload... but I figure I'd start with the most recent Custom Corps offering. This was an amazing release, each figure hand-dyed with a hand-cast custom head. Each color scheme a new part of the Glyos universe. Sadly, at $25 each (and worth it, I feel) I could only order 3 (actually, I originally only got 2, but figured I could go without other things more than the possibility of missing something awesome. Rarely am I happy I broke down and spent more money.

I was able, however, to get what I was after (more or less). The main push of this Custom Corps, was the Real X Head mash-up character of Chaos, whom I really wanted. There were also reappearances of rare heads and first appearances of some brand new (or previously forgotten) characters. While I didn't score one of the amazing Delphi or get one of the rare Chaos Probe Arms, I was able to get figures I am very happy with. And here they are!

my special Red BuildStation Buildman (thank you Matt!)

Assault Team Molten Govurom

Xirium Command Chaos

Quallest Command Noboto

So there they are! I promise I'll be updating more often now. The reason I haven't a lot is that, well... my desktop is old and sick... and my laptop doesn't have an SD card slot (yeah, I know, not exactly a new one either, but healthy at least!). But now, I have a portable SD card reader... hooray for USB ports! So there you go... I have several vacations worth of pictures to show.. and I leave for California tomorrow (Saturday) and then at the end of April, I'm going to Florida. (yeah, I get around... but I have a lot to show for it!) thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ancient Mayan Mini-golf

Sorry there was such a lag in Updates... I'll try not to let it happen too often... though I really wasn't sure how to follow up the underwater shots, which I love. So, here are just some more shots from around the ship. I promise to get to Cozumel before the week is up. Oh and happy comic-con to everyone, I'm not going.. but that won't stop us at Average Intelligence from talking about it... Oh, and I am bookending these pics with some sunset shots.. because they make me happy, unbelievably happy.

while this is the blurriest of the shots, I like it because Pheyden looks so angry

Nothing like Neon and Bronze

"Why does every alien planet look like a sand trap?"

The Exellis' watch a little kid get an amazing hole in twenty!
Oh, and check out these amazing ruins!

"I'ma punch you so hard!"
(yeah, I know, Pheyden needs to be more centered, but I was blocking other people from playing)

Not only was their calendar years ahead of its time, the Mayans also created an early form of astroturf

I'm not sure what I was going for here, but it's oddly cute

I love this shot, but I get distracted by the guy in the upper right and his club placement
(sadly, there was only so much I could crop)

"so, I'm guessing the name 'mini-golf' is meant to be ironic?"
"Lets see Tiger Woods bounce THIS sucker!"
"'What's my handicap?', yes, because I am short, I see. You thought of that yourself? How clever of you, your mother must be proud"

"How the HELL did this get to Mexico?"
"you know, you'd think there would be a tunnel here..."

nope, not making the "Pheyden's got balls" joke, I'm above... oh dammit!

"If I had some tablets, this would be SO blasphemous!"

Taming the Large-Breasted Monkey-Frog

...and speaking of Large-breasted...

Carnival loves those things so much, they made a mascot with that coming out of his head (I swear I am not making that up)

Malasada Exellis likes to travel incognito...

no, photo-shop necessary...

until next time!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pheyden and the Stingrays

Well... it took way to long, for my tastes... but here they are! The fabled Pheyden snorkling pictures! Now, much as I would love to, I cannot take credit for actually taking the pictures, they were taken by friends of mine, who (working on cruise ships as they do) go snorkling/scuba diving way more often than I can, and therefore have some really sweet equipment for it... and they share my love of photographing Pheyden and friends all around (they were with me on the very first trip I did this on, and now have their own figures). So, while I was there (and I will spare you guys the shots of me in a neoprene shirt), they took these shots and I am endlessly thankful to them.

exploring the ocean deep

enjoying the reef

in the clutches of pink tentacles

Still trapped...

I love this shot

His name is Frisbee (no, really)

More pictures to come! and I want to thank Matt Doughty for being part of my Average Intelligence Podcast once again... it was a great great show. Thanks to everyone involved!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Grand Cayman cruise, continued...

Hello Again! I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July, I did... and I had great seats for the fireworks.. on tv, because I was able to talk my friends out of standing around in a huge crowd for hours. (I know, doesn't seem like a lot of fun, but we still did some grilling and had a great, relaxing time). I was hoping to have Pheyden's snorkling shots ready for this update... but no such luck, so those, sadly, will have to wait... but here is just a quick update, to tide folks over... when last we left Pheyden, he had arrived in Grand Cayman, for some stingray snorkling... but before that...

He rode a giant glass butterfly!

Poor Exellis was nearly devoured by a towel stingray (that's why he didn't come)

Helping with the anchor

that is some BLUE water

Hey, look at what's behind me! It's... um... nature!

I had to get off the bigger boat, onto the smaller boat just to take this picture!

it can be so hard keeping both the foreground and the background in focus
(you'd think these guys were just a couple inches tall or something)

Tune in soon when I will have more pictures up!

And don't forget to listen to my weekly podcast, Average Intelligence, every weekday live at 7pm... this week is a very special episode, featuring none other than Matt Doughty! It should be amazing! See you there!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Carnival Cruise 6/20/09-6/25/09

Well, I just got back from a 5 day cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel. It was a great trip, mostly because I was visiting my "brother" and his wife who work as art auctioneers on the ship. For the purpose of the trip, I became related to a tall, slender, red-headed Canadian (and those who know me know that is pretty far away from being possible... but hey, no one cared and the cruise was REALLY cheap because I'm family... like they say, it's who you know!) But they are awesome people and my wife and I pretty much spent the majority of time with them... and Plasma Pheyden, Arcos Exellis and a custom figure Piglet cobbled together from a number of junkshop figures. I call him Malasada Exellis... don't ask... but enough of me kibitzing.. on to the pictures!

like a portal into the void...

Gotta love the airplane window!

"What are you exactly?"

yes, even they don't like it

behind the scenes shot

Yeah, BUOY!!! (sorry, won't happen again)

under the bridge downtown...

and right past the bridge...

I SWEAR there wasn't anything there when I took the photo!

just driving home the cruise factor...

"BAH! We laugh at your concept of "officers."

"I'm checking in..."

no, even interdimentional explorers aren't above the tourist shot.

More to come... these are only a few pictures from the first 3 days of a 5 day cruise! Just wait until I get to the snorkling shots!