Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ancient Mayan Mini-golf

Sorry there was such a lag in Updates... I'll try not to let it happen too often... though I really wasn't sure how to follow up the underwater shots, which I love. So, here are just some more shots from around the ship. I promise to get to Cozumel before the week is up. Oh and happy comic-con to everyone, I'm not going.. but that won't stop us at Average Intelligence from talking about it... Oh, and I am bookending these pics with some sunset shots.. because they make me happy, unbelievably happy.

while this is the blurriest of the shots, I like it because Pheyden looks so angry

Nothing like Neon and Bronze

"Why does every alien planet look like a sand trap?"

The Exellis' watch a little kid get an amazing hole in twenty!
Oh, and check out these amazing ruins!

"I'ma punch you so hard!"
(yeah, I know, Pheyden needs to be more centered, but I was blocking other people from playing)

Not only was their calendar years ahead of its time, the Mayans also created an early form of astroturf

I'm not sure what I was going for here, but it's oddly cute

I love this shot, but I get distracted by the guy in the upper right and his club placement
(sadly, there was only so much I could crop)

"so, I'm guessing the name 'mini-golf' is meant to be ironic?"
"Lets see Tiger Woods bounce THIS sucker!"
"'What's my handicap?', yes, because I am short, I see. You thought of that yourself? How clever of you, your mother must be proud"

"How the HELL did this get to Mexico?"
"you know, you'd think there would be a tunnel here..."

nope, not making the "Pheyden's got balls" joke, I'm above... oh dammit!

"If I had some tablets, this would be SO blasphemous!"

Taming the Large-Breasted Monkey-Frog

...and speaking of Large-breasted...

Carnival loves those things so much, they made a mascot with that coming out of his head (I swear I am not making that up)

Malasada Exellis likes to travel incognito...

no, photo-shop necessary...

until next time!

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  1. I love the 6th picture down from the top with Exellis' back to us. The way you took that shot makes the rock structure in front of him very ominous. It just came out really awesome dude, kudos!