Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pheyden and the Stingrays

Well... it took way to long, for my tastes... but here they are! The fabled Pheyden snorkling pictures! Now, much as I would love to, I cannot take credit for actually taking the pictures, they were taken by friends of mine, who (working on cruise ships as they do) go snorkling/scuba diving way more often than I can, and therefore have some really sweet equipment for it... and they share my love of photographing Pheyden and friends all around (they were with me on the very first trip I did this on, and now have their own figures). So, while I was there (and I will spare you guys the shots of me in a neoprene shirt), they took these shots and I am endlessly thankful to them.

exploring the ocean deep

enjoying the reef

in the clutches of pink tentacles

Still trapped...

I love this shot

His name is Frisbee (no, really)

More pictures to come! and I want to thank Matt Doughty for being part of my Average Intelligence Podcast once again... it was a great great show. Thanks to everyone involved!


  1. Awesome pics and witty comments as usual! Boy, this just reminds me that I need a vacation :-)

  2. Those underwater shots on the ocean floor are sweet, did you use an underwater digital camera or one of those disposable underwater cameras? I've thought of doing underwater shots in some of my photo comics, but never could figure out a good way to do it, aside from the disposable camera option.